Monument Terms

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process using an air compressor and sand to blast unprotected areas of the stone. This etches the artwork and information into the stone while leaving the rest of the stone protected.

What is shape carving?

Shape carving is the process of using a specialized air compressor to gently craft sand blasted designs into a 3-dimensional shape.

What is laser etching?

Laser etching is a design service that uses a machine to etch a photographic image onto a jet black stone.

What is hand etching?

Our on-staff artist uses diamond tipped knives to draw on the stone to produce hand etched artwork.

What is monument setting?

Setting is the monument industry term for installation. Monument setters install monuments in cemeteries.

What is a foundation?

The foundation is made of either concrete or granite. It is what the base and tablet sit on top of. It comes included with the purchase of any monument.

What is a serp top monument?

Serpentine, or serp, refers to the curved shape of the top of a monument. This bell curve shape is the standard shape of a monument.

What is cemetery lettering?

Cemetery lettering is the service of traveling to cemeteries with portable air compressors and air hoses to blast in designs and dates in the cemetery itself.

What is a P5 or All Polished Monument

That is where the upright tablet is polished on all 5 sides – front, back, left and right side, and top.

What is a P3 or Polished 3 Monument

The upright tablet is polished on only 3 sides – front, back, and top. It is rock pitched on the left and right side.

What is a P2 or Polished 2 Monument

The upright tablet is polished on only 2 sides – front and back. It is rock pitched on the left side, right side, and top.

What is rock pitch?

Rock pitching is the action of taking a chisel and hammer and breaking away the stone leaving a rough, rocky surface know as rock pitch. You can decide on the finish of your monument, meaning if you want the sides to be rock pitch or polished.

What is a 2″ polished margin?

A standard base has a polished top and is rock pitched on all four sides. A base with a 2″ polished margin has the top 2″ of the base polished on either one or all four sides.