Laser & Hand Etching

What is laser etching?

Laser etching is a design service that uses a machine to etch a photographic image onto a jet black stone.

What is hand etching?

Our on-staff artist uses diamond tipped knives to draw on the stone to produce hand etched artwork.

What if my monument color isn’t black?

If you have a color other than Jet Black and you want a hand or laser etching then you must do an insert. An insert is piece of black granite that gets glued into a recessed area of the monument.

What colors can you laser etch on?

Jet Black is the only color we will laser etch a design onto. Laser etching can have near photographic detail, but in order to see the detail, the stone needs to be as solid dark as possible.

What colors can you hand etch on?

Jet Black is also the best color to hand etch on. Hand etching can be done on other dark colors, but the best color is Jet Black.