What determines the price?

The price of the monument is mainly determined by the size, color, shape, and finish.

The larger the stone the more expensive it will be. The price varies by color so some colors are more expensive than others. The more intricate the shape of the monument is the more expensive it will be. Generally, the more sides of the stone that are polished the more expensive it will be.

What does the price include?

When you purchase a monument from us it will include digital proofs for your approval, the granite, the sand blasting and standard artwork on the front of the monument, a cement foundation (laser and hand etching not included), and the monument setting.

Can you make a unique monument designs?

The automated and hand technology today has made almost anything imaginable in granite possible to create. There are very few things that cannot be done. If you have an idea for a unique design, we would love to hear it!

What colors are available?

See our colors gallery for more information.

What is the difference between granite and concrete foundations?

Concrete tends to break down over time. Sometimes just due to the elements while other times the ground will shift and cause it to crack. Granite foundations will never break down.

Do you sell vases?

Yes, vases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Contact us for more details.

Can you reset existing monuments that are tipping?

Yes, we have the ability to dig up and reset existing monuments.

Can you replace an old foundation with a new foundation for an existing monument?

Yes, most of the time we can dig up, reset, and replace the foundation.

Do you make and install Veteran Memorials?

Yes, we have done many veteran memorials honoring our veteran’s. We have done many different variations and would look forward to discussing your ideas with you. Check out our Veteran Memorials gallery to see what we have done.

Can I design my monument online?

We would always prefer to meet with you in-person, however, we understand that is not always an option. We do not have an online store, but we can work with you through e-mail or over the phone. 

How can I find a Minneapolis Granite sales representative?

You can contact us with your location and we can get you in touch with a sales representative, or you can go to our contact page and look at the list of vendors.

How long does it take to get a monument installed?

The general rule is 60-120 days. Cut off dates to apply depending on color.

What is a sexton?

A sexton is the name of the individual who manages the cemetery grounds.