Where do the colors come from?

They come from all over the world. Many colors come from the United States, India and China.

Are there any local granite colors?

Yes, we are lucky to have many quarries located nearby.

American Bouquet – Milbank, SD
Autumn Brown – Ortonville, MN
Autumn Rose – Milbank, SD
Bellingham / Eternal Beauty – Bellingham, MN
Carnelian – Milbank, SD
Diamond Gray – Isle, MN
Diamond Pink – St. Cloud, MN
Jasper Quartz – Jasper, MN
Lake Superior Green – Isabella, MN
Mahogany – Milbank, SD
Rainbow – Morton, MN
Rib Mountain – Wausau, WI
Rockville White – Rockville, MN
St. Cloud Gray – St. Cloud, MN
Wausau – Wausau, WI
Wisconsin Red – Wisconsin

Is there a shipping difference between colors?

Colors coming from within the United States take about 1 month for us to receive. Colors coming outside the United States take 3-4 months for us to receive.

Do you stock colors?

Yes, we carry some colors stock. Contact us for more details.