Cemetery Information

What is a sexton?

A sexton is the name of the individual who manages the cemetery grounds.

What cemetery information should I know?

At some point we will need to know certain information in order for us to set the monument in the correct place, facing the correct direction. Here are some things we need to know:

  • How many plots is the monument going to sit on? Do you own one, two, or more plots?
  • Which spouse will be on the right side of the stone and which will be on the left side of the stone?
  • What direction is the stone going to face?
  • Where exactly in the cemetery does the stone go? This is extremely helpful in larger cemeteries.
  • Are there any rules and regulations that would affect the design of your monument?

You do not need the answers to all these questions to begin the process of ordering your monument. We can discuss these things as we need them and can help you figure it out. Our sales representatives are often knowledgeable of the cemeteries that they work with and can instruct you on their rules and regulations.

How do I find out the rules and regulations?

Our sales representatives are often knowledgeable of the rules and regulations and have relationships with the local sextons. If the cemetery is owned by the city then the city office will often have information for you as well.

Why do you want to know how many plots I own?

It is necessary to know how many plots you own to know how much space you have for your stone. This will impact how large or small your stone can be.